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The Miss Cosmos Pageant is rumored to have begun in 1951.  The winner was a beauty from Argentina who bested 23 other contestants at the Miami Beach Auditorium, now known as the Jackie Gleason Theatre.  The competition went on until 1965 with beauties from all over the world competing for the prestigious title before the pageant disappeared from popular culture. This competition was almost always held outside of the United States, thus making it a truly international competition event for misses all over the world.  It was not however very well known in the US and many of the records provided to Crown Garland at the time of purchase are unable to be substantiated.

In 2018, Crown Garland LLC purchased the pageant and marks and began the rebranding and relaunch of the pageant.

Mini Miss Cosmos United States

Skylar Bruneel of Tennessee is your 2019 Mini Miss Cosmos United States!

Little Miss Cosmos United States

Charlene Quinteros of Florida is your 2019 Little Miss Cosmos United States!

Jr. Miss Cosmos United States

JaeceeRae Carr of Tennessee is your 2019 Jr. Teen Cosmos United States!

Miss Teen Cosmos United States

Chloe Kasey of South Carolina is your 2019 Miss Teen Cosmos United States!

Miss Cosmos United States

Ashley Wade of the District of Columbia is your 2019 Miss Cosmos United States!

Ms. Cosmos United States

Tanya Topazio of North Carolina is your 2019 Ms. Cosmos United States!

Ms. Elite Cosmos United States

Lori Marvel-Sundberg of West Virginia is your 2019 Ms. Elite Cosmos United States!

Mrs. Cosmos United States

Tetra Shockley of Delaware is your 2019 Mrs. Cosmos United States!


Matthew Knight of Virginia is your 2019 Mr. Cosmos United States!

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OJ Williams

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