Photo: Serdar Gulmez

BRISTOL, VA. On November 3, 2019, Tanya Topazio of North Carolina was crowned Ms. Cosmos United States 2019 in a special ceremony hosted in Charlotte following the international win by the US winner Elissa Taylor. Topazio as the first runner-up to the US title now resumes the title.

Tanya Topazio landed in North Carolina in 2005 via Connecticut, Los Angeles & Louisiana. She studied Television and Film Production at Emerson College in Boston, and proceeded to work in production in Los Angeles, New York and throughout New England.  Tired of chasing the freelance gigs, she ended up teaching television production to high school students.  After digging her car out of the snow one April day in 2005, she decided sunny skies were in order and settled on the beautiful shores of Lake Norman.  She continues to teach at both the high school and college levels, owns a small business, is an actress, a group fitness instructor, and has a hard time saying “no” to more.  Let’s just say binging Netflix is now a luxury that seemingly only occurs each morning at the gym (thank you wifi!).

Surrounded by a tribe of boss babes, Tanya continually strives to be a better person.  She believes that although a career is important, family, friends and community are what make life worth living.  She is passionate about spreading awareness of Congenital Heart Defects, as CHDs have affected her brother, cousin and two nephews.  Her platform, Heels for Hearts, promotes local and national foundations that support children living with complex congenital heart defects.